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Miami's Short Winter Festival


March 16th, 2019


True Mirage Theater proudly presents:

The first Miami's Short Winter Festival! 

An evening of 8 original short plays written, directed, and acted by some of South Florida's finest talent!

Bring your tanning lotion, fur coats, sandals, and join us for a thought provoking, laughter inducing, tear jerking night of theatre as we bid farewell to the winter that never was all while helping to raise funds for Miami's newest theater company!

You don't wanna miss this!


Production Team

Hosted By Darcy Hernandez-Gil

Lighting Designer Will Cabrera

Production Stage Manager Michelle Lavergne

Display Designer Oramaika Fernandez

Stage Hand Eliasess Leon

Company & Creative Teams

Birds of a Feather

Athena Watkins

Directed By Rafael Martinez

Momma Byrd Sandra Portal-Andreu

Michael Byrd Manuel Bonilla

Daniel Byrd Miguel Bonilla

Kimberly Tiffany Jou

Tommy and the Golden Dumpster

Michael Font

Directed By Oliver Gorf

Tommy Mitch Lemos

Chlamydia Bianca Garcia

Jim Samuel Maya

Ask Me Anything

Phillip Middleton Williams

Directed By Nick Valdes

Steve Carlos Alayeto

Martin Adam Crain

The Problem Child

Tom Andrew

Directed By Michael Font

Tommy Amari Wilson

Father Warren Welds

Priest Michael Font

The Unfortunates

Christopher Anthony Ferrer

Directed by Juan Alfonso

Glenn Anderson Freitas

Steven Shawn Scarpitta

Hank David Gonzalez


Brian Dever

Directed by Adalberto Acevedo

Albert Josue Molina

James Reynel Reynaldo

Conversation on a Couch

Brian Michael Cohen

Directed by Brian Michael Cohen

Melanie Francesca Toledo

Byron Randy Garcia

Forgive Us

Thomas Dane

Directed By Lisset Riera

Corey Daryl Patrice

Vincent Mitch Lemos

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