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True Mirage is YOUR theatre company. By joining us with a 100% tax-deductible donation, you make our mission of providing a platform for emerging theatre artists possible.

Atlantic Awnings

Gypsy Dreams Entertainment, LLC

Mayra Casallas

Corley Groves

Peachy Bees

Carolina Marte

Richard Kalski

Francesca Porcelli

Quills Rodriguez

Katrina Kaufman

Annie Hernandez

Deborah Sherman

Robin Alexander

Yolanda Castellanos

Michelle Mendoza

Madelin Marchant

Daniel Gil

Domingo Hernandez

Irina de Souza


Jose Suarez

Hypnobirthing Miami

Pablo Valdes

Sara Gagliano

Vanessa Thompson

Darcy Hernandez-Gil

The people and companies who donated to True Mirage from our humble beginning.

Founding Donors

Armando Santana

Deborah Sherman

Bryan Quevedo

Luis Herrera

Will Cabrera

Travis Neff

Athena Watkins

Rafael Martinez

Sandra Portal-Andreu

Manuel Bonilla

Miguel Bonilla

Tiffany Jou

Michael Font

Oliver Gorf

Mitch Lemos

Bianca Garcia

Samuel Maya

Philip Middleton Williams

Nick Valdes

Carlos Alayeto

Adam Crain

Amari Wilson

Tom Andrew

Jenny Weiner

Warren Welds

Juan Alfonso

Christopher Anthony Ferrer

Anderson Freitas

Shawn Scarpitta

David Gonzalez

Brian Dever

Adalberto Acevedo

Josue “Sway” Molina

Reynel Reynaldo

Brian Cohen

Francesca Toledo

Randy Garcia

Thomas Dane

Lisset Riera

Daryl Patrice

Daniel Gil

Darcy Hernandez-Gil

These are the artists who have lent their time and artistic expertise to True Mirage.

Artistic Donors

Irina de Souza

Roberto & Suzy Cruz

Sidelis Martinez

Nicole Gualandi

Gemini Consulting Services, Inc.

Oscar Rodriguez

Debbie & Ricky Cuza

Elaine Flores

Colores De Flores

Tracy & Luis Hernandez

Francesca Toledo

Carolina Marte

Veronica Girola

2020 Giving Season Donors

Miami Dade County

The Miami Foundation

The South Florida Theatre League

Artistic Vibes

Roxy Theatre Group

Womans' Club of Coconut Grove

South Miami Middle Community School

Culture Force

Jill Kratish

Past Sponsors


 Cultivating the future of theatre in our beloved Miami begins with the generosity of people like you. Click on the link below now to join us in our mission. We cannot do this without YOU.

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